NYX Suede Matte Lip Liner


SMLL22 Downtown Beauty
SMLL29 Sao Paulo
SMLL31 Cannes
SMLL07 Sandstorm
SMLL33 London
SMLL09 Tea & Cookies
SMLL26 Maison
SMLL30 Los Angeles
SMLL34 Alabama
SMLL01 Stone Fox
SMLL04 Soft Spoken
SMLL03 Cherry SKies
SMLL14 Foiled Again
SMLL36 Milan
SMLL21 Brooklyn Thorn
SMLL02 Life's a Beach
SMLL18 Foul Mouth
SMLL16 Little Denim Dress
SMLL13 Respect the Pink
SMLL28 Stockholm
SMLL08 Pink Lust / Passion Rose
SMLL17 Jet Set
SMLL12 Vintage
SMLL35 Prune
SMLL15 Run the World
SMLL11 Kitten Heels
SMLL10 Amethyst
SMLL19 Subversive Socialite
SMLL06 Sway/Emprise
SMLL27 Copenhagen
SMLL24 Alient
SMLL05 Orange County
SMLL20 Oh Put it On
SMLL23 Club Hopper
SMLL32 Aria
SMLL25 Whipped Caviar
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NYX Suede Matte Lip Liner